Sports Day


                             “Winners win, winners lose, but winners play”.

Sahodaya Kalotsav

Students bagged away a total of 131 points and 36th position among the schools of Sahodaya Complex.

Learn With Fun

The class room sessions are vibrant with various fun filled activities which gives students a wide perspective of knowledge.

Sports Day

We give importance to sports and conduct 2 days of competitions every year as it provides fun as well as mental and physical stability in children.


Our school held a very interesting house-wise exhibition in 2017 on 18th,19th&20th centuries  and we were surprised to see the exhibits presented; for each item was rendered carefully and lovingly without the slightest trace of sloppiness.

Arts Day

These two days saw creativity  at its maximum and it made us easy to pick the talented ones to send for Sahodaya Kalotsav, 2017.

Fruits Day

It became a refreshing day  when Kinder Garten students celebratedd Fruits day , tickling the taste buds of all with a sweet blend of fruits and ice cream.

Karate Tournament

The tournament conducted by master of martial art Mr Binesh , was held with much pomp and show and became the proud moment in Baselian history when sheer hard work and continuous practice paved way to hold champions Trophy in All Kerala Karate Tournament held in our campus. It also witnessed champions of Kerala  Karate under one roof including Indian Bruce Lee.


Yoga is part of our curriculum which offer our kids a better psychological and emotional quality with which they can easily handle any kind of stress.